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"Intelligent, resourceful, strategic, mature, proactive, enthusiastic, authentic, genuine, diligent, always attentive and productive are some of the words that come to my mind to describe my experience of working with Dunbar Jones."

"Working with the Dunbar Jones team is a pleasure. Their professional approach and attention to detail is second to none."

"They are such a great company to work with, Jennifer and team are not only enthusiastic, proactive and well connected but most importantly, they get the job done."

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Our Approach

As an independent boutique consultancy, we place great value on all our client relationships and are therefore dedicated to serving only a select number each year. Exceeding client expectations is what drives us, as is our need to be passionate about working with the clients and projects that we believe in.  

Driven by the same vision and goals, our hallmark is the positive synergy, passion, diligence and enthusiasm that we bring to each of our client relationships. Drawing on the wealth of their industry knowledge and our professional experience, new avenues and platforms of reaching their target audience are proactively explored and pursued, to generate the awareness, attention and respect that they deserve.  

With a consulting style that is friendly and approachable, our working relationships with clients are frank and open and built on a mutual understanding of objectives and expectations. “Off the Shelf” template solutions are never an option. We work on the principle that each client is unique, and take the time and effort not only to understand their needs, but also the industry and issues that impact their business.  

Short-term deadlines are monitored very closely according to an agreed schedule with regular reporting procedures in place to keep clients informed of the progress, all done in the spirit of openness and accountability.